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Pig Handling and Housing Equipment



Weaner Ark System

Curved sheets 22swg, BS3038, Ends made from 2mm plate.
Excellent ventilation and insulation with curtain and solid doors available. Integral 45 gallon water reservoir with adjustable
water trough. Deep bedding is left behind on moving, which is done by three point linkage.
Insulated roof and sides, also stokboard attached 2ft high around the inside. The unit will accommodate 60 pigs from weaning.

Farrowing Ark
  • Available as standard, semi-insulated or fully-insulated.
  • 2800mm wide x 1100mm high x 1530mm long.
  • Curved sheet: 22 swg, BS3083.
  • Angles: 50mm x 50mm x 5mm.
  • Front and back made from 2mm plate.
  • Complete with rear vents 65mm x 30mm and lifting hooks.
  • Solid or sparred doors.
  • Fenders available 4ft, 5ft and 8ft standard and drop front.


Sow Ark

Curved sheets BS 3038, 10/3/22swg. Angles 50mm x 55mm x 5mm. Fronts and backs made from 2mm plate.
Complete with rear vents and lifting hooks. 100mm x 75mm tanalised timber sub-frame.
2270mm Wide x 1170mm High x 3800mm Deep.

Weigh Platform
Light and sturdy platform from 6mm aluminium.
Easy to clean and transport.  Digital readout for
weighing livestock, feed, etc.
Can be used inside crush or race.

Pig Transport Trailer
  • Hydraulic low loading trailer.
  • 16 feet to 24 feet.
  • Rams lower trailer to the ground
    for loading which can be from doors
    back or front.
  • Complete with centre partition.
  • Non-slip chequered floor.
  • 10.00 x 75 x 15.3  10-ply wheels
    and tyres.

Road Legal Stock Trailer
  • Galvanised trailer with rear
    drop down tailgate with 2/3
    side opening.
  • Drop down sides.
  • Tread plate floor.
  • Removable mesh dividing
  • 750kgs capacity suspension.
  • Hard top canopy available.

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